Have you ever considered ...

feeding your kitchen scraps to your horse(s).

How often do you use apples, pears, bananas, sweet potatoes, salads and lots more of fresh produce in your kitchen?

What happens to all this? You might have a compost, great! But you also have horses in the paddock.

Horses loves all these different tastes even if it is only peels and scraps. They might sniff on it and scavenge through it to pick what they most like. Often it takes them a while to find the taste for these new things but they will be ever so happy to have a little change to their diet, almost like a treat.

Try it out, be sensible about what you offer them of course. Here is a list what my horses eat and love:

Pears, apples, water melon (with rind), other melons, bananas (love them with the rind even), figs, celery sticks, sweet potatoes, carrots, mandarines (only the sweet ones), mullberries, mullberry leaves, turnips, lettuce, rosehips, sesame seeds ... and much much more.

“To truly be with your horse means to be truly within yourself and to become your own leader, sovereign and authentic. Your horse is happy to serve you, to help you understand yourself, find yourself, and ultimately make the connection with yourself as you have never experienced before. It then has found its equilibrium and full potential together with you. You are one.” Petra Webstein